That Start Up Show Announces First Panel Lineup, New Sponsors

Panel includes Alan Noble, Bronwen Clune and Sebastian Eckersley-Maslin 

Adds Xero and Oxygen Ventures as Supporting Sponsors

24 July, 2014 - Melbourne, AustraliaThat Start Up Show, the Australian startup and entrepreneurial web series has announced the lineup of its first panel, including Alan Noble (StartupAus, Google Australia), Bronwen Clune (Editor, StartupSmart) and Seb Eckersley-Maslin (Blue Chilli). The show has also received support from Xero and Oxygen Ventures, and released additional tickets due to overwhelming interest in the first Episode. 

ALan Noble, Google and STartupAUS, Bronwen Clune, StartupSmart, and Sebastian Eckersley-Maslin will front the Episode 1 Panel for That Start Up Show. 

ALan Noble, Google and STartupAUS, Bronwen Clune, StartupSmart, and Sebastian Eckersley-Maslin will front the Episode 1 Panel for That Start Up Show. 

That Start Up Show will focus on the fast-growing Australian entrepreneurial boom and the culture that surrounds it. This unique series brings together businesses, creatives, startups, VCs, capital, incubators and entrepreneurs to the public on a 6-month journey exploring the ups and downs of being a startup. The series will be filmed once a month commencing with a special launch event on Thursday 31 July.

Joining comedian and media tech commentator Dan Ilic are Alan Noble, Co-founder and Director of StartupAUS and Engineering Director of Google Australia, Bronwen Clune, Editor of StartupSmart, and Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin, CEO of Blue Chilli. The series’ first episode tackles “What the BLEEP is a start up?”, with the panel discussing why this definition is important to make in light of the Government’s planned Entrepreneurs' Infrastructure Program for startups.

The VIP Ticket offer sold out quickly, and demand for Launch Tickets has been so strong that more tickets were released this week. Episode 1 films Thursday 31st July at The Savoy Tavern and the edited show will be released on YouTube a week later. The web series has attracted additional sponsorship from Oxygen Ventures and Xero. That Start Up Show has also gained support from vibrant tech incubator innovator Blue Chilli, startup lawyers Clearpoint Counsel, and City of Melbourne.

“The interest in the show since we announced has been incredible. We’ve attracted a first class line up for our first episode and we’re also delighted to have Xero and Oxygen Ventures join our sponsor supporters,” said Sally Gatenby, Co-Producer of That Start Up Show. “The response has been so great we’ve had to release more tickets for the first show, which speaks to the startup community’s interest in a show like this for Australia,” she continued. 

That Start Up Show will unite the startup community, with the aim of making Melbourne another destination startup city in the Southern hemisphere. Key community groups who’ve signed on are Girl Geek Academy, Silicon Beach, and HUB Melbourne with UBER and  StartUp Grind joining this month. Media partners include leading media group Startup Smart, Larkspur Communications, production house LAMP, and post-production team Evolved Group.

A special appearance by Silicon Valley tech commentator Rambotia Jones has been confirmed, with more international guests arriving for the 6 month season.


For more information, contact:

Sally Gatenby
Larkspur Communications
0457 037 788