The Larkspur Communications team has worked with the following companies, and more:

Testmonial -

We needed someone to publicise the launch of and the phenomenal uptake the company had since inception in a really tight timeframe. We found that traditional PR agencies wanted 6 month sign ups and thousands of dollars in retainers. Thankfully, we found Larkspur Communications - not only were they across Bitcoin, but owned some, and understood our value proposition immediately.

In four days we were connected to the Wall Street Journal, Australian Financial Review, and had coverage all over the world.

Quite simply, Larkspur Communications immediately “got” it, and wrote the right press release to the right people in the very tight timeframe we gave them. The impact on our web traffic was incredible, and I couldn’t speak more highly of Larkspur Communications.
— George Samman, COO,

Larkspur Communications also works on a pro bono basis for not for profits and other worthy causes.