Times have changed. Your startup isn't fixed, nor is it 9-5. You're more mobile than ever before, working across timezones, deadlines, platforms and OSs. You're on a Skype call later today with China, and after dinner, you'll call your dev in India to discuss the deployment. 

Shouldn't your communications be flexible too? 

If you're agile, pivoting, scaling, heading up the hockey stick or just launching your latest, Larkspur Communications will distill your vision into the language of your audience, grab their attention and hold it. 

We know you don't have time to lose, so we'll do it quickly, too. 


The Larkspur Communications team knows the rigour of the 24/7 technology startup lifestyle. We aim to slot into your work life with the greatest of ease and least disruption (we'll leave the disruption up to you). 

With over ten years experience in the space, the team will quickly craft the right messages and vehicles to deliver to the right target audience, via the channels they use.

We're based out of Melbourne but like you, we're a global business. 

It's all part of the 24/7, go go go cycle of the startup world.